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Sunflower Bean

Like most bands who are prominent and up and coming, there are many venues which are suitable for them such as Walters or Raven Tower, but after such an impressive display and being one the bands who had a huge buzz during SXSW this year, Sunflower Bean has chosen to play at House of Blues in the Bronze Peacock Room. The venue was fitting for this band which was a mix of all genres of music from progressive rock to psychedelic.

Before we could get a taste of Sunflower Bean which made their way from Brooklyn to Houston, we got a taste of a band called Deep Cuts. This hometown band has a very unique vibe to them, using a saxophone instead of a rhythm guitar which makes their sound feel a bit forced. Where traditional sounds and builds are common, this band diverges from the formulaic ideas of music, making their music sound undefined to one genre. While this does tend to work for some bands, it fails completely with Deep Cuts and just makes them at times sound like a confused and lost jam band.

After this set, Sunflower Bean took to the stage. The threesome is known also for combining many different genres of music in their albums. They were confident on stage, which makes sense due to them already being a band for two years prior to the release of their album. Their live set was loud and sounded more garage than their polished album. The vocals were almost all reverbed making the lyrics difficult if at all to understand, which led the audience focus more on the actual track. Sunflower Bean has a kind of White Stripes feel to them with both the vocals feeding off of each other during the entire set. Julia Cumming and Nick Kivlen sounded better live than in their record version during most of the tracks which vocally lacked some depth. The softer drums from the album were also nowhere to be found during the show with Jacob Faber destroying the kit while the set was going.

Each song had an intense and riveting guitar interlude which made them more rock than pop, making them the favorite for the remaining festival season. Even though they have no defined path in their album, live, the band sounds as garage and rocker as fuck. They are an astounding band to catch live and the joy for their music is seen during the entire set from the time they take the stage, to the time they hang out with their fans after their show.