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FPSF 2017 Line-Up

Houston has recently been one of the main hubs for any events hosting the Final Four in recent years, some giant college football games, and most recently another Super Bowl. With that we think and hope to ensure that the most diverse city in America, stays in the center of a lot of positivity when it comes to hosting large event and being more in the eye of those across the nation. All of the locals though, as excited about events, are having their fingers crossed for good weather o any given day.

The state is known to have the craziest weather, with it being in the 30s one day, then the next rain, and ending the week in sunshine. This is quite common during the winter months, but changes during the summer.

It is insane for anyone to want to go to a music festival during the summer and it is crazier to think that people will flock from anywhere else to go and be by a bayou. We are talking about Free Press Summer Fest, one of the craziest, weirdest, and biggest summer festival in Texas. Let’s ignore the insane weather which usually reaches the low to mid 90’s during summer, which is when this festival takes place, as well as the fact that the location of the festival has changed for two years due to flooding, and finally that it gets shut down at least for a few hours due to lighting every other year. Then also, ignore the fact that the artist who are performing at FPSF do not perform at any other local venues or anywhere else across the state, except at Stereo Live, which means only big mainstream EDM artists. All we are left with is a huge question mark to see who will be willing to spend $166.36 in total for two days of music. Fret not, for the line-up has been released earlier this week and we have some very direct opinions on it!

Seeing the lineup poster just causes a weird feeling seeing 53 artists with four at the very top. It is a bit uneasy to see Lorde at the very top, seeing as she has not announced any new music this year. Not only that but she has already played Austin City Limits in 2014, as well as here in Houston in 2014. I am not sure fans of the artist are afford tickets to her show. We then can add Flume, the artist who was just here on October 2nd at the Revention Center as well as ACL last year. Cage the Elephant which also played ACL in 2016, as well as Houston in 2014. I think I am starting to see a pattern here with this major line up.

This festival has catered more and more each to a younger demographic while the price increases. The ticket increase each year brings a younger and younger audience to the festival. With artist like Post Malone, (Yes, that Post Malone), Lil Uzi Vert (Yes, the guy from Bad and Boujee, but not the main guys, Migos), and Charli XCX, this festival screams iHeart Radio. If you can sift through the teenagers, there are some artists on this roster who do catch our attention, such as indie favorite and entire soundtrack to the movie Garden State, The Shins. They have for the past few months been teasing about a new album, which could be played in part this festival.

The festival also covers those who feel hip and cool because they listen to Alt Nation on Sirius XM by having smaller pop friendly bands like Grouplove, Portugal, The Man, The Strumbellas, and Frightened Rabbit.

Then of course they must at least give their audience a little slice of EDM with DVBBS, as well as Kygo clone Cheat Codes, and well as rachet as fuck Carnage. They do have Rufus Du Sol, which has been on our list of artist to check out, to that will not be held against them. At the bottom of this lineup we have the standard Texas bands who are always a reliable filler that can be seen in Houston at least once a month with, Night Drive, Bang Bangz, and Deep Cuts.

With the circle jerk of the Grammy’s and everyone upset that Beyonce did not win best album, it was a miracle and sort of lucky move on the festivals part to have hometown hero Solange. With her recent Grammy win, most of this entire article can be thrown away. It is widely known that ticket sales for artists who win a Grammy go up in price, which makes this festival, due to this artist, worth the admission value. Not only does Solange add value to the festival monetarily, but she is also an amazing performer and artist. Her music is diverse and changes genres so fluidly, that her show will be as diverse as possible, even with her limited catalogue. Finally, we never know if we will have her big sister will show up.

Overall this festival has morphed from an all age’s event to a younger audience. Come on, they have a Youtuber as a headliner. This shift though is in part due to the other festival that this same event company does during December, Day for Night. We will have that article up in the next few days to make sure to come back and check that out.