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little hurricane by lozerkid

It had been three years since we got in touch with 'friends of the site,' little hurricane but we were able to track them down finally on their headlinging tour in 2014. They had just released their second album, "Gold Fever," and just opened their own record company called, "Death Valley Records." We talked to them after their show in Houston to catch up.

It has been a number of years since we talked guys. Last we heard from you, it was opening for Manchester Orchestra here in Houston. When we spoke last you guys were still not looking at making a second album. When did you guys decide to begin working on a second album?

Writing songs is a constant thing.. once they accumulate to a certain point it's time to record an album!

You guys made your own label, Death Valley Records. With that you can sign bands, be your own boss, and many other things, but which of these do you really wish to achieve with the label?

Time will tell! we'd love to apply our sound and everything we've learned to sign/record other bands in the future...

With this being the first headlining tour by your guys, what went into preparing the set list especially now that you have variety of music?

Well, we have 3 albums to pick songs from now.. "homewrecker", "stay classy (a collection of covers)" and "gold fever". So it's a mix of new songs, old songs and covers. We want our setlist on this headlining tour to really take you for a ride and bring in a few unexpected elements.

What artists are the last five artists that you are currently listening to?

timber timbre
lincoln durham (supporting us on this tour)
margot and the nuclear so so's
helio sequence
blind pilot

What artist would you like to see live?

um, John Lennon? and nine inch nails again..

Last time we spoke your song was on a television show and now I have seen it used on television commercial. Now that you have your second album and have grown in popularity, do you still have the same sentiment towards using your music in adverts?

the way people discover music has changed so much over the years.. the best thing we can do for our music is to get it out to as many people as possible.. we are open to many different avenues for this! you'd be amazed at how many people come to our shows that first heard of us on a taco bell ad..

Your style is unique, and a lot of bands such as The Black Keys and Jack White have been big in the public domain with their sound. How do you feel you distinguish yourselves as a band and musically?

Awe write songs we like.. songs about personal things in our lives etc.. it has to be fresh and new.. these are our prerequisites.. hopefully our unique musical and life experiences distinguish themselves though our sound..

Thanks a lot for your time and on a personal level thanks so much for allowing me the first interview with you guys a few years ago especially after seeing you at ACL, (I had the Yoda backpack). It means a lot to me since now I run a website and everything else. Wish you guys the best and hope to hear from you whenever you guys get a chance!