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Matthew R. Cook, Mark N. Cook, and Michael B. Cook from The Ceremonies by lozerkid

We were able to take a small break down after the Dickies Roadhouse show at Bangers on 79th Rainey Street, and were joined by Matthew R. Cook, Mark N. Cook, and Michael B. Cook from The Ceremonies. This modern New Wave band has been touring and stopped by SXSW to give us a taste of their music.

Is this your first time at SXSW?

Matthew: Yes, this is our first time in Texas.

How did you chose your setlist for your shows?

Matthew: We played through the entire EP and a cover. It is a thirty minute set so it all works out that way.

So is it in the order of the CD then?

Matthew: No, its in a different order.
Michael: We place it in a certain order because whatever is easier for us to sing like “Land of Gathering,” we put in the end.
Matthew: It’s mainly just based on energy and what we think flows better.

What are your influences?

Mark: Instrumentally a lot of 80’s New Wave post punk bands like The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, with a mix of something like The Zombies or The Beach Boys. Our sound is kind of a compilation of all of those things.

When did the band start?

Matthew: We started recording two years ago and been playing for about a year now.
Michael: We just got signed around that time.

How did you get signed?

Matthew: We were in a planning out stage at that point. You meet people and it just goes from there.
Mark: We met our producer and made music with him, and he was managed by our future management company so he brought our music to them. It is a series of meeting the correct people first.

Now that you have been touring for a bit and being at a festival of this size, do you feel that other bands will influence your future sound?

Matthew: We sort of can’t not be influenced by you surround yourself with. In that sense we do try and supposedly try to surround ourselves with music that we really like. stuff from the 60s and 90s but every once in a while you hear a record or band that we think is doing something really unique and cool. That definitely will rub off on us, I am sure. Hopefully we do it just as cool as they did but put our twist on it. You are your surroundings in a way.

Thank you guys so much.

Matthew: Yeah totally.
Michael: Thank You.
Mark: Thanks.