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The Nake and Famous

by lozerkid

After the show, Harry McVeigh and Jack Lawrence-Brown took a moment to talk to use after the White Lies show at Fitzgerald’s about touring, the difference in being in America and Europe, and merchandising.

What is the band that most influenced you?

McVeigh: To be honest, probably Talking heads.

How about the favorite band that you have played with?

McVeigh: Oh god that is hard. We’ve played with some good ones. I am going to have to say, out of all of the bands, Kings of Leon. We opened for them and I remember listening to them growing up and playing with them was that moment. “Oh shit, we made it.”

What are the top five songs you are listening to now?

McVeigh: I can’t remember the songs, I am bad at song names. I am listening to Manchester Orchestra... Warpaint by Warpaint.

How does it feel being back here?

McVeigh: Oh we love it, in Europe we play these big venues and it feels good to be somewhere small with our fans.

Brown: Over there (Europe) we even have someone that only does the lights, its a big show.

Last time you guys came around there was also no merchandise on sale, considering your album came out and was a success, what happened with that?

Brown: Yeah, we found out about that after our first gig. There is a big mess and a whole legal thing about it. There are some legal issues with selling merchandise here and is too expensive to ship things over here from over there.

Well is it due to the release of your record with a different distributor in America?

Brown: Yeah that is one of the things but we really wish we could sell some merch at least for the fans.   

How did that proposal on stage take place?

Brown: Oh that was something else wasn't it. Well the guy used to live somewhere in Scotland and met his girlfriend at one of our gigs years ago. He moved to Houston for work or something and his girlfriend came with him. We get an email sayin all of this and so he asks if he can propose to her on stage. We told him yes, and luckily she said yes.

It would have been bad if she said no at a sold out show.

Yeah, but you can tell she knew when he was fumbling around with his pockets a few seconds in.

Well thank you for your time.

McVeigh: Yeah of course. Thank You.

Brown: Cheers.