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There are some progressive rock bands who have an unquestionable sound and fall into that category from the riffs to the overly reverbed vocals such as Tame Impala, and Temples. This psychedelic pop rock band differs from those who take the genre to seriously by adding some shoe gazer and pop riffs. Their sounds are nothing new and sound very familiar to the current mainstream indie pop with vocals that follow, but at the same time, it sounds fun. The band does not take themselves too seriously liker most indie progressive bands and that reflect on their album.

They draw from a different number of bands like Velvet Underground to Sonic Youth with each track from their debut album Human Ceremony reflect a different genre.

“Easier Said,” sounds like a long lost instrumental track by Haim sung by Grimes which gives the best combination of the indie pop world. Lyrically the band is all over the place with songs like, “Space Exploration Disaster,” which is a heavy Sabbath influenced progressive rock track. With such a mix of eclectic influences, the band does not always have the best combination of lyrics or instruments. At times their tracks which reflect a daydream in a meadow end up in a dark depression.

“Come On,” thrashes out the gentle tones from the previous track to the garage rock that would never have thought to be on an album like this. This indie band from Brooklyn has no direct path, but they also aren’t just doing an album of covers. After playing for two years together, they have lots of room to grow but also a lot of promise.